Although new as MD, we spent lots of hours training next to specialized doctors in endocrine, cardiology and internal medicine. 
We chose these departments because allowed us to be close to patients and build a reciprocal trust that a surgical department would not have given us. Doctors are educated nowadays to work faster, treat pharmacologically, and thus get as many patients as possible. 
This has never been our mission: our goal is to treat together with the patient his condition, making sure he/she feels reassured. It is important that psychologically the patient feels is being taken care of. It will certainly make his/her conditions much more treatable, and can also allow us, doctors, to see things we would not otherwise. 
We believe the future of health is not a bunch of drugs, but rather a more complex and complete scenario in which a patient is treated as a human and has his condition treated in a personalized way. We start to form physical health, to diet, natural ways to heal and then drugs. 
We listen to people and learn through them, cooperating with them to reach the best treatment.
Only by treating patients as a team, we can eventually reach our goal: your wellbeing!