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Fell like Yourself again!

An important letter from Adrian & Giulia: 


        Dear Friend.


No matter how You've found this page, we want to thank You. The simple fact that You're reading this lines means that we've succeeded.

Succeeded in what? 

Let us explain, it's very important to us and we've been waiting a long time to do it...

You probably know that our names are Giulia and Adrian and that we're helping people like You, with thyroid disorders to find the right treatment.



We do it with both conventional medicine and alternative/functional solutions such as herbs and supplementation. 

Over the last months, we've helped numerous people using our social media posts and personalised healing program and we've realised ONE thing that all the people have in common: 

They wanted to get their health back and feel well again


Because they realised: getting their health back is the first step in taking control over their life. But it didn't stop there...

It's time for the next step.

It was just the start. 

Let us explain - our followers made a huge improvements in their health to such a degree that they would feel more energetic, happier and having fewer symptoms. 

Yet many of them felt stuck, because they didn't know where to start. They were trying one thing and then another one, without a specific A-Z plan which they can just follow

It was one of those things that just didn’t seem right. And it kind of did  not make sense to us, because we saw feeling of lost in their eyes. 

They really wanted to follow a specific A-Z, FAST strategy, that would bring them results in even 2-3 months.


They just didn't know how to do it because there wasn't one...

And we understood it. Because not only we saw it in them, but we've also experienced it in our family.

And if there is ONE thing we've learned in last months, it's this: 


You're in control to change Your life:


You’ve probably already done it with other things of Your life, like gym, school

or work.


For example:

1.You picked a profession.

2.You realised in order to master it, You have to spot weaknesses and change them.

3.You did research about them.

4.You found somebody that seemed that could help You.

5.You followed their advice, applied it and saw the results You wanted to get.

You have to realise that it can be any other area, like health.

No matter what area of life it is, You have to be sure You are in control of Your Life.

        And we did exactly the same

We came to Milan, Italy as high school graduates who were passionate about the human body and wellness. 

Having enrolled in the medical course at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, we started to be further interested in health and more specifically in thyroid diseases, diabetes and weight loss management

For an entire 6 years, we've been trying different methods, both conventional and natural (herbs, diet, supplementation).

We've LITERALLY tried everything natural out there that can help a person to recover from a mild disorder and get back in shape. 

We've noticed over and over that when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight, it's not just about the calories and exercise

Don't get us wrong, definitely, calories counting and exercise help tremendously, but it wasn't until 2016 until we noticed that what matters the most are hormones.


You may ask "Why hormones?"


Let us explain, your hormones help regulate how much you eat and how you respond to the calories you're consuming


They help to define your appetite and your craving for food. 


They are very important in the process of burning fat and building muscles.


Hormones help you in sleep regulation, digestion and mood regulation and energy levels.

Think about it, why do women after menopause gain weight? Is it because they suddenly stop exercising and start eating unhealthy?   

Of course no. It happens, because of hormonal changes.


So we dug deeper and focused on what impacts hormones. We focused on gut health and adrenal glands.

Why gut? The gut microbiome plays a central role in the regulation of estrogen levels in the body.


Microbiome influences the risk of developing estrogen related diseases such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. 

If gut bacteria is not well balanced, patient will have troubles with treating the thyroid disorder and losing weight.  ⁣

Why adrenal glands? They produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure and response to stress.


In short: gut and adrenal glands health are essential in thyroid disease treatment and weight loss.

Focusing on hormones, we started doing intermittent fasting, lowering down the carbohydrates and following the gut-friendly diet. 

We noticed huge changes in our health and body composition. We saw improvement in our lab results but also skin quality, energy levels and satiation. 

As You can see from the pictures our body composition clearly improved and it's important. 

Why? Because you feel MUCH better when you're fit. Think about it. You probably felt much different before your disease and it did not happen overnight. 

It was a gradual process that was based on poor routines that you practiced over last couple years. 

And if you knew which plan was the best for you, you would get better results. 

Not only better lab tests and improved health, but also better skin quality and more energy. Just have a look what happened to Adrian: 

Our skin definitely improved by taking care of our guts. We did it with the right diet.

And to be FAIR, most of us WON'T even have to try all of these diets and crazy things as we did. 

You won't have to try it all and you will massively reduce the time it takes to get your health back, because we can provide you with A-Z strategy that is TAILORED to your medical history.

So...this brings us to next question: 




We wish someone explained us this 6 years ago

We have to tell You, there is a lot of confusion out there about health. 


Many doctors think natural treatments don't work and just prescribe drugs like Levothyroxine

Very often it does not work, because a doctor doesn't take into consideration your medical history.


In many cases it's even worse as many doctors don't even do full thyroid panel

Then you hear them telling you "eat healthy","lose weight" or "not having energy is probably in your mind". 

And what does it even mean? It's such a generic advice that it can't be practically applied in any way. 

And it just frustrates you, because they're telling you it's okay, even though it clearly is not

One the other hand, You have doctors that provide JUST natural solutions and think that drugs are evil, although we know that quality drugs have the very identical if not the same composition of the molecule as in our body. 

They try to convince you for strange things like feet massage or meditation. 

As entertaining and relaxing as it sounds, trust us:

neither massage nor meditation, not even 1000 hours will help you to get back your health. 

So is very important to screen for the right information and TRUST US, it takes A LOT of time! 

But you need to understand this:

It is not the particular drug or herb that works for thyroid disorders. It is a SPECIFIC drug and SPECIFIC natural solution that will work FOR YOU

This means that the program treatment has to be TAILORED to YOU

The doctor has to assess fully your labs and work with you on daily basis to ACTUALLY HELP you recover and get back to heath. 

We know that at this point you're probably thinking "Does it actually work?". Thus, let us provide you with some examples of results we got to our clients: 


What is the best way to treat thyroid disease and manage your weight?


The best way is to combine conventional medicine with natural remedies:


  • Assessment of FULL Thyroid Panel 

  • Hormonal assessment

  • Gut Health Assessment

  • Adrenal Glands Assessment

  • Metabolic CMP profile Assessment

  • Diet protocol tailored to a patient's medical history 

  • Dietary supplementation

  • Application of natural herbs 

  • Nutrient deficiencies treatment

  • Workout protocol, specific to a person 

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment

    Dear friend...

  • If You suffer from thyroid disorder

  • If You've tried drugs like Levothyroxine

  • If You STILL suffer from thyroid disease symptoms 

  • If You have problem with losing weight  

  • If You are fed up with your doctor telling you "It's all in your head" 

  • If Your doctor does not investigate the root cause of your problem

  • If Your doctor has note checked your adrenal glands and gut health

  • If You are looking for a more natural tailored treatment solution

  • If You don't know where and how to to start 

then we may have something for You...

Would You like us to personally help You to get your health back and manage your weight?

We will be honest with you. We strongly believe that when it comes to our clients’ results, there's NOBODY out there who achieves results faster than us.

And our involvement and commitment to caring for our clients have not changed. 


See, we've helped people transform their health and body over the last years. 


We've taught them how to become more consistent with diet, simplify healthy eating and actually enjoy it.

And while doing all that, We've learnt quite interesting things...

We've understood that people have problems with things like "How do it start", "Which food can I eat?", "Which plan should I follow?"

and we have responsibility to be able to help all of our followers, patients, friends and family members, to have a A-Z plan designed by us, that they can just simply follow and get results in even 90 days!


Yes, You read right. We've decided to design a whole strategy that you can simply use and we will personally guide You.  

Now, this is not for everyone...

It is not for everyone

It is going to be quite intense. Intense, because You will have to stop your old habits and adapt to new, healthy ones. 

It's for the ones who are ready to make changes in their lives. The ones who want their health back and control over their life. 

As you can see it is not for a random person. Don't get us wrong, we'd like all of the people to be healthy but if there is no initiative from the clients' side, there is no way it will work. 

The good news is, that You've already done most of the heavy lifting. You've already read our content and out letter, you've already become more interested in natural remedies and lifestyle, not just drugs...

Now it's up to You to decide - You just need to execute. And You have to be serious about it. 

Why? Because we have limited spots. We work in 2 and this is our passion but physically we only have certain number of working hours a month.

Provided we offer VERY high quality of service, we can only have 100 clients a month. 

This is why we've decided that You will have to apply for the program. To work only with patients who are SERIOUS about their health.

But before applying, we'd like to tell more about the program...

What is included in the program?

✓ Access to our mobile app

✓ Our TIPS on weight loss

✓ Intermittent fasting guide

✓ Consultation of Your Lab Results 

✓ Nutrient deficiencies consultation

✓ Food recipes tailored to your medical history

✓ Daily contact with Adrian and Giulia through  mobile app 

✓ Supplementation guide tailored to your medical history


and how does it actually look like? 



More or less like this. As You can see we guide you daily and track literally anything and everything using simple to use, mobile app.

If you're ready to take the next step, then click on the button below to fill the application form and schedule a call with us.











Be aware: Available spots for the healing program are limited.

We can only accept a small group of highly committed people for our thyroid healing program as we provide HIGH-quality service. To join, you have to apply.


Click the button below and fill out your application:

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