Book Summary "The Hormone "Shift" by Dawn M.Cutillo (Chapters 1-2)

Would you like to lose fat, those last stubborn 10-30 pounds, get rid of your hot flashes and improve your sleep...all of these in just 30 days?

If the answer is Yes, then this book summary is definitely for You!

"The Hormone "Shift" outlines a unique protocol of "Natural Hormone Balancing.

It can help You to rebalance your hormones, without the risk or side effects of traditional HRT or Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Chapter 1. "The Hormone Shift And How It Affects Your body"

Too much estrogen in relation to progesterone is known as “estrogen dominance”, a term described by Dr. John Lee, an influential and integrative hormone researcher, whom is considered a pioneer in progesterone therapy.

Estrogen Dominance can be explained by the image below:

Stress leads to cortisol production. Cortisol decreases progesterone. Low progesterone and normal or high estrogen gives Estrogen Dominance.

Furthermore, chronic stress can lead to 2nd level depletion, which is explained by the image below:

As we can see, chronic stress not only depletes progesterone, but also long term leads to decrease of DHEA levels.

Low DHEA levels produce second level hormone depletion, in which estrogen and progesterone levels decrease.

Some most women have the condition of “estrogen dominance” even when their estrogen drops as they age and enter menopause.

This is because progesterone bottoms out and leaves you “estrogen dominant”. It's all about the ratios of estrogen to progesterone.

When this happens, common symptoms that occur are:

• Chronic Low Energy • Constipation • Depression/Anxiety • Foggy Thinking • Food Cravings • Hair Loss • Excess Facial or Body Hair Growth • Headaches • Hot Flashes/Night Sweats • Insomnia • Irregular Periods • Heavy Periods • Irritability • Joint Pain/Inflammation • Lack of Libido • Breast Tenderness • Fibrocystic Breasts • Fibroids • Endometriosis • Ovarian Pain/Cysts • Mood Swings • PMS (combination of many symptoms listed lasting up to a full week before your period) • Poor Memory • Weight Gain/Fluid Retention (Bloating) • Acne • Melasma (dark patches on skin)

When You suffers from these symptoms, You are tempted to use hormone replacement therapy to balance your hormones. However, many often such therapy has side effects and is unnecessary.

In Chapters 2 and 3 we will summarise advantages and disadvantages of such therapy.

Chapter 2. "The Hormone Shift & Menopause"

There are natural ways to eradicate the symptoms of menopause quickly, effectively, and without dangerous side effects by replacing the correct hormone.

It can be done by treating the main cause of its deficiency, which is usually an adrenal issue.

So what are the side effects/disadvantages of synthetic hormonal therapy?

- Longterm use of synthetic hormones will suppress natural hormone production.

- Usually hormones given by your doctor are based on blood tests instead of saliva tests. Blood tests are not as accurate as saliva tests when it comes to hormonal testing.

- Supplemental estrogen and testosterone are not proven to be safe for long-term usage and are usually unnecessary.

- Adrenal Fatigue/Exhaustion is often not addressed when bio-identical hormone supplementation is prescribed.

- If adrenal glands are addressed, there may not be a need of bio-identical hormonal therapy. Oral (pill) forms of DHEA can help to alleviate some of the stress on the adrenal gland and allow it to rebuild.

- Bio-identical therapy is most often times delivered through a cream. This can be dangerous as it may lead to build up of the progesterone in your fatty tissues. Although at first your symptoms will improve,

progesterone buildup will cause return of the symptoms at some point.

( A sublingual form of progesterone is much better if using bio- identical therapy or a true “trans-dermal” cream).

- There is a risk of too much estrogen as we age (bio-identical or synthetic).

What Are The Basic Tips To Balance Female Hormones?

1. Check Your hormones first. Not with the blood tests, but preferably with saliva test. (we also recommend DUTCH test).

2. If Your progesterone is low, consider taking sublingual low doses of progesterone (short time), under a professional’s guidance. This will help You to balance estrogen- progesterone ratio.

3. Assess physical stress in your life (all types) and lower it. Increase the number of hours you sleep, lower pain with spinal adjustments and reduce the intake of processed food and foods you are sensitive to.

4. Assess mental/emotional stress caused by your daily schedule, relation- ships, your job, self-esteem, or suppressed emotions.

5. Take twenty to thirty minutes daily to relieve stress. Try meditation or yoga.

6. Eat cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cabbage) everyday. It will protect you from developing breast cancer as they affect the conversion of more potent estradiol to weaker, less active estrogen (estrone) so it is not as active and therefore less harmful.

*** In next post we will go through the next chapters of the book***

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