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Cardio For Accelerated Weight Loss Guide

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

We believe it is important to be physically active daily. Exercise has a numerous array of benefits in addition to dietary adherence.

Does it mean You have to work out every day?

Absolutely not. Actually, working out every day will prevent You from burning fat and will hinder your weight loss.

So what do we mean by being physically active...and how much of working our is the sweat spot for thyroid patients?

Physically active means to perform a low-intensity movement each day. This is to keep the calories lower and let You decrease the fat tissue without much effort.

Great examples of low-intensity workouts include walking, cycling and even swimming. Out of these 3, we prefer walking as it doesn't take much willpower to stick to it. All You have to do is wake up from your bed in the morning and perform your short walking routine.

So, how much walking a day is the sweet spot?

We believe that 45-60 minutes a day is more than enough. This will let You burn additional 300-400 calories.

IMPORTANT: You don't want to overdo it.


Overdoing the cardio increases Your appetite making the diet much more difficult to follow.

This comes down to your hormonal regulation, where leptin and ghrelin play their role.

So, How many days of cardio should You do?

You want to be doing cardio all day when you don't work out So. let's say that You work out 3 days a week, then 3 or 4 remaining days You want to be doing 45 min - 60 min of cardio.

When is the best time of doing cardio?

The best time is in the morning, preferably during your morning fast*. This will make sure that You're burning fat instead of glucose stores in Your liver or your muscles.

*Does not work for patients who have a moderate or high adrenal problem.

What is a good walking pace for cardio?

Walking at a brisk pace (moderate-intensity) or fast walking is optimal.

What if You "don't have time to do cardio"?

Cardio doesn't have to be a waste of time. If You plan your morning cardio session the day before, You can easily listen to a podcast, educate Yourself or even do some easier work. You can also watch a movie or listen to music if You want to simply relax.

Remember! Keep it Very Simple!

- You don't have to change clothes for brisk/faster walking. You won't even sweat most probably.

- You don't need a gym.

- You can do it outside, in a forest, in a nearby park or in the town.

- DO NOT overdo it, 45 min is more than enough. If You don't have 45 min, then 30 will work as well

- You're Thyroid Boss and You can do it!

P.S. If You have any questions, comment below!

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