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How many times shall you eat in day??

How to prevent weight gain and insulin resistance....

Obesity is increasing throughout the years. What's scarier is that the percentage of children being obese is increasing as well.

Why is obesity bad? Why are obese people seen badly and most of the times judged? Is it just a social stigmata?

Of course NO.

Obesity is referring to a state in which our adipose tissues expand, covering and compressing other tissues and organs. It results to your heart working harder, your bones sustaining more weight, your vasculature being overwhelmed and damaged by glucose, your pancreas to overwork to produce more insulin, etc.

As you can see there are multiple damages.

How is this happening?

Everything starts once we begin to accumulate weight. Especially, belly fat tends to favour the development of insulin resistance.

What's insulin resistance? Why is it so important?

As said we eat and this causes an insulin response. The more times we eat and the more sugary and refined, the more the insulin release.

Over time all of this insulin around will make your cells less likely to respond to it. This will end up you not internalising glucose in cells anymore. Glucose, now, having no where to go, it will just wonder around and stay in your blood. This leads to toxicity and predisposition to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart and brain related conditions, endocrinological pathologies and growth problems.

Insulin resistance leads also to Leptin resistance.

Leptin is an hormone released by fat cells. This is a switch off mechanism to hunger. Once these cells swollen they release leptin to make you stop eating.

However, as your insulin levels increases your leptin sensitivity decreases as well. Just in the same way as insulin one develops.

Your body gradually will stop responding to hormones and gets hungrier and fatter, although you have enough storage of energy.

How many times shall you eat in a day then???

We strongly suggest you to eat about 2 max 3 times a day.

Favouring intermittent fasting.

Cut refined products and sugars in general.

Favour fat, organic and not processed carbohydrates.

Insulin resistance is a medical emergency: We must stop it and we MUST prevent it in our children.

Let us know about you:

How many meals a day do you have?

Have you ever been diagnosed with insulin resistance?

Any other tips you would like to share with us?

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