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How To Control & Reduce Thyroid Nodules

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

It may be surprising but most people have Thyroid Nodules and yet do not know it.

In fact, most thyroid nodules are asymptomatic and harmless. These nodules are known as Benign Thyroid Nodules.

When do they become problematic?

  • When they cause problems with breathing

  • When they cause problems with eating

  • When they are malignant

What to do If You have Benign Nodules?

  1. Check Your TSH

  2. Iodine supplements management

  3. Check Autoimmune diseases (like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis)

  4. Decrease Inflammation

  5. Check & Decrease Insulin resistance

1. Check TSH:

If You follow our Instagram page, You have noticed we mentioned the importance of maintaining low TSH is You have thyroid nodules.

Your brain controls TSH production to stimulate Your thyroid and thyroid glands tissues.

If You have high values of TSH Your thyroid tissues will be overstimulated. When overstimulated Your nodules can grow in size and number.

For this reason, it is important to maintain TSH between 0.5-1uIU/ml.

How to maintain TSH in range?

If Levothyroxine or Synthroid are not working consider increasing the dosage, or change to Armour thyroid.

--> If You want to know more about thyroid medications and what options you have, click here:

2. Iodine supplements management:

When it comes to Iodine most people are afraid to supplement it.

The truth is that either too high or low iodine can harm Your thyroid.

By knowing this, we can decide how much is too high or low and decide the best dosage.

How much iodine should You take to be safe?

If you have thyroid nodules take 75mcg-100mcg a day.

Do not forget to take iodine with selenium. How much selenium? About 200mcg a day.

3. Check Autoimmune diseases & Decrease Inflammation:

Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases can cause thyroid nodules.

Inflammation usually follows Autoimmune Diseases, and inflammation can increase the possibility to develop and increase the size of thyroid nodules.

How to solve this? You must check:

  • Inflammatory markers (like cholesterol, CRP, ESR, ferritin)

  • Assess what’s causing the Autoimmune disease (such as an infection with a virus or other pathogens)

  • Make sure Your gut is healthy (no SIBO or Leaky Gut)

  • Control Your adrenal glands (to exclude adrenal fatigue and insufficiency)

  • Cut Gluten rich food & Sugar

  • Follow a Thyroid Healing Diet & Protocol (for more info click here:

  • Make sure You eat organic food free from pesticides

4. Check & Decrease Insulin resistance Insulin resistance occurs when Your body does not respond anymore to insulin.

This can lead to life-threatening events if Your glucose levels get out of control.

Unfortunately, patients suffering from thyroid diseases tend to have a predisposition to developing Insulin Resistance.

What's more, Insulin Resistance favors inflammation and metabolic diseases.

Why is this important for Thyroid Nodules?

Because inflammation damages further Your thyroid. Anything that damages and stimulates Your thyroid must be prevented and avoided.

For this reason, if insulin resistance increases so increases Your inflammation.

How to check it:

  • Fasting serum insulin and fasting blood glucose

  • Hgb A1c test

If You want to know 4 tips on How to Lose Weight, have a look at this video:

Now let us know about You. How are You treating Your thyroid nodules?

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Eriola Jaho
Eriola Jaho
Aug 31, 2021

for the moment i take only vitamin d and c, and take lemon water in the morning for trating nodules 😥

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