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How to Get Rid of Bags Under The Eyes...2 Natural And Easy Ways For Thyroid Patients.

"I had never had bags under my eyes in my life until thyroid disease hit me", that's probably what You're thinking right now.

These bags or dark circles under your eyes make You feel older and tired all the time.

Every time You look in the mirror, You want to do something about it. Something that would work fast and be effective. Something simple and natural...

and this is why we've prepared these 10 natural ways of dealing with puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

1. Neti Pot

A Neti pot is a device that cleanses the nasal passages and helps to clean mucus. Flushing the nasal cavity can soothe the inflamed tissue. It can also remove the irritants like allergens.

2. Cold Compress with Cucumbers.

  1. Cut 2 thin slices off of the end of a cucumber.

  2. Place the slices in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes.

  3. Sit down or lie down.

  4. Place the cold cucumbers on your skin and relax.

  5. Keep the cucumbers on your skin for fifteen minutes.

  6. After the fifteen minutes are up, simply discard the cucumber slices and continue with your day.

  7. You can do it every day to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

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