How To Start With Iodine Supplementation?

It is important to start SLOWLY when taking iodine supplements. It is crucial as increased iodine intake can lead to autoimmune thyroiditis, fetal hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

This is especially true for:

- Hyperthyroidism due to an excess of iodine ⁣

- Graves disease in course of treatments with medications and with high antibodies levels ⁣

- Patients who have thyroid goitre

- People who had or have postpartum thyroiditis

If You suffer from one of the above, You want to have a physician working with You. Otherwise, You're just playing with the risk involved in this therapy.

For other patients, it's safe to start with supplementation of 75mcg of iodine and slowly increase if needed.

You don't want to start with a highly concentrated supplement such as Lugol's solution. There is a time to use it. However, before using it, for safety reasons, we recommend that you have a spot iodine urine test done, even if you and your healthcare professional thinks it's not needed.

Also, You don't want to jump right away into taking 3 or 4 drops. Instead, start slowly with 1 drop and slowly increase after 3 weeks. This is to see how your body reacts to iodine and to avoid possible side effects.

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