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Never stop Your thyroid medications suddenly!

Sometimes in an article or blog post we write, we give our opinion about natural remedies for -hypo and -hyperthyroidism.

Even though we prefer natural alternatives, it does not mean You should decide to suddenly stop Your medications and try a natural remedy.

Why? Because it's dangerous! 

Stopping thyroid medication for patients who already have been using it, is a different story than for a patient that has never been on thyroid medication. 

Let's say that You've been using a thyroid medication for 1-2 years. It means that Your body has adapted to it.

If You decide to go with more natural treatment, You should always consult your doctor and decide for gradual change in Your therapy

Gradual therapy means SLOWLY limiting the use of conventional medication and implementing natural herbs, supplementation and diet to treat the underlying cause of Your disease. 

So please remember, never stop the conventional medication abruptly, because it can have serious consequences on You, such as cholesterol levels increase, heart disease and in patients with severe prolonged hypothyroidism, coma may occur.

Another reason to not stop the medications is that sometimes medication itself is not a problem, but rather it's dose, brand or type of medication.

In this scenario rather than stopping it, it simply has to be changed into another type of medication. Then of course, together with Your doctor, You can implement natural remedies. 

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