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Pregnancy thyroid tests? Which you should do?

A pregnant woman asks endocrinologist "What tests I do?" Well, current recommendations indicate that every pregnant woman should have her TSH tested.

But what do the recommendations say exactly?

  1. Routine TSH testing in a woman at 4-8 weeks of pregnancy (first obstetric visit).

  2. FT3, FT4: if needed (although recommended)

  3. Thyroid antibodies:indicated especially for women with other autoimmune diseases, especially type 1 diabetes or family history of these diseases, and if TSH> 2.5. The upper range of the norm for TSH is value ​​not higher than 2.5 mIU /l. Although, it is recommended lower than 2.0 mIU / l.

  4. Thyroid ultrasound - the test is performed when there is a goitre or suspicion, with abnormal thyroid parameters, and in women at risk of thyroid disease.

What's next? It depends. If there is a need for thyroid hormone therapy it is necessary to check every 4-6 weeks throughout the pregnancy.

Thanks to checkups it will be known how to correct the dose. This is VERY important because the mother gains weight and the baby is also growing. Therefore, the demand for both organisms for hormones increases.

Furthermore, If something unusual happens during pregnancy, for example, the baby's heart rate is too fast, then the thyroid will be one of the suspects. Then we necessarily do check-ups.

What about testing the thyroid after pregnancy?

Regardless if a woman took thyroid hormones or just nutritional supplements it is worth checking thyroid hormones around 6-8 weeks after delivery. Why we want to check if the postpartum thyroiditis does not start.

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