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Stress may cause thyroid disease

If you suffer from thyroid disease, it's good to find out what has triggered it in the first place. This will help you in your healing journey.

In this article, we'll speak about stress, as a common trigger/cause of thyroid disease and tests that can help you do, to identify the possible cause of your pain.

This article applies to both Hashimoto's and Graves' Disease.

Chronic stress.

1. Do you suffer from too much stress? YES/NO

2. Do you have problems with falling asleep? YES/NO

3. Do you wake up during your night? YES/NO

4. Do you have no energy when you're waking up but more energy just before falling asleep? (anxiety type of feeling). YES/NO

5. Do you suffer from anxiety during your day? YES/NO

If your answer is "YES" to at least 3 out of 5 of these questions, you're probably suffering from so-called "adrenal fatigue", which is very common in the thyroid, hormonal and autoimmune diseases, especially among the women, who are more sensitive to hormonal changes and stress. Now, your question is probably "how can I fix it?"

The first and most important is SLEEP. I remember when I was suffering from an adrenal problem (caused by chronic stress), sleep was the most important element of the puzzle. Simple but effective and very important in our life. If you undervalue your sleep, then a healthy diet, supplements, and medications may not bring you many results.

So how can you improve your sleep? Here is a couple of good TIPS, which worked for me:

In addition to the TIPS listed above, you can benefit from nutritional supplements to support your adrenal glands. Healthy adrenals are very important for a healthy immune system and healthy sex hormones. As we've said in the short guide above, CALM & SLEEP is a great formula, which can help you to balance stress and cortisol levels. This can help you to decrease stress and sleep better.

In addition to CALM & SLEEP, we recommend testing your cortisol using a 4-point salivary test (it checks your cortisol/stress levels during your day). This will give you a very detailed picture of how your body behaves during your day and how it reacts to stress. Keep in mind that we don't recommend testing for cortisol from your blood (this is usually done by conventional doctors. It's a test done only in the morning and this is not specific/does not show the full picture of your stress reaction).

Do you always have to check for cortisol? Although it's more precise, it tends to also be very expensive. If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on testing, you can assess your problem based on your symptoms:

You can also join our Fb Support Group By Clicking Here so if you have some questions or doubts, two doctors (me and my wife dr. Giulia) will assist you and make sure you're going in the right direction.

With that said, some of you will still want to go more in-depth and actually test for cortisol and DHEA, to get a full picture of your adrenal glands' health situation.

Why is that important? For example: If you're suffering from Graves’ disease, and the test shows that your cortisol levels are high and your DHEA is low, you don't want to follow certain strategies, which are said to be healthy (generally speaking), like for example supplementing with licorice root. Why? Because if you have high cortisol levels and/or hypertension, it will just make your symptoms worse, as it's contraindicated in that situation. On contrary, if your cortisol levels are low, then licorice root will actually help you. You see? The same herb, but differnt context, that's why lab tests are often useful.

Can you go even more detailed than this? Yes, of course. You can do an Adrenal Stress Index test and DUTCH test, which check for additional things like 17-OH Progesterone, Estrogen, Wheat gluten SIgA, and many others. The upside? Very detailed. The downside? Very expensive ($1400 or more spent on just testing) and probably unnecessary.

So what can you do instead? So you can save up $1400, lots of time, and still get rid of your anxiety, stress and improve your adrenals and thyroid health.

Step 1.

Get our CALM & SLEEP HERE. It will support you during your healing process. Can help you to decrease stress and anxiety, so your cortisol level can optimize and you start to feel better.

Step 2.

Use the Sleep guide we put above 👆. Print it out and use it every day. This should help you to create a healthy sleep routine.

Step 3.

Describe your journey and how you feel in our Fb Support Group By Clicking Here. This will motivate you, keep you accountable and if you have any questions to us (two doctors - MDs), you'll get your answers fast, without searching weeks on the internet or overthinking and stressing more.




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