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Thyroid blood tests: are they always reliable? TIPS to make the undiagnosed diagnosed

If you suffer form fatigue, anxiety, feeling cold, tiredness, fragile nails and hair, constipation, your GP will send you (maybe) to see an endocrinologist for suspected Hypothyroidism.

The endocrinologist will subsequently prescribe you some blood tests to check: TSH, T4 and T3. If any of these come abnormal he/she will then proceed with autoantibody screening: Anti-TPO, Anti-Tg and Anti-TSH. These last tests aid determining an autoimmune disorder.

But, Are these tests ALWAYS Reliable? ... NO.

Most of people we see complain of having normal blood tests and yet having all the symptoms. Whereas, there are also some people with borderline hypothyroidism (subclinical type) that have no symptoms. Why so?

To answer this question in simple terms: blood tests need to be interpreted not just by their numbers, but rather, they must be applied according to the person.

Rather than annoying you with what each single test represent (you can watch our videos ; )), we want to emphasise why you should not get discouraged if your tests turn to be unsatisfactory for you.

I understand that the real struggle is to make your doctor believe you are having symptoms despite normal lab tests. This will make you end up getting crazy and demotivated.

Today, I want you to know that I believe your symptoms are real. You are not crazy neither needy. You suffer from a pathology that unfortunately still in 2019 is not treated as it should be.

1) Most of the time your thyroid condition is NOT caused by thyroid problems;

2) TSH alone is not sufficient to establish a diagnosis;

3) Thyroid diseases can present with many symptoms and not the same to everyone;

4) Change doctor if she/he does not believe in you but DO NOT loose trust in yourself

5) Before introducing anything new ALWAYS listen to your body

Believe in yourself is the beginning of healing.

Fill in the form to let us know what your symptoms are and we will be happy to help you regaining your life back!!!!

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