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Will Taking Iodine Help Me To Detox Bromine?

A lot of people are contaminated with bromide. Overexposure to bromine can cause hypothyroidism because Ingesting bromine in increased amounts of displaces iodine in your body.

What are the sources of bromine?

- Bromine-fortified food

- Beverages, sanitizers and flameproofing agents. For example brominated vegetable oil is used in popular drinks such as Mountain Dew and Fanta.

- Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) is currently used in many consumer products such as paint, textiles, building materials, automobiles, foam, mattresses, carpets, car seats and others.

Will Taking Iodine Help Me To Detox Bromine?

Yes, if done correctly.

How to correctly use iodine to detox bromine?

• Never self diagnose. Iodine supplementation in higher doses can be dangerous.

• Always start slowly, even if working with a physician (2). • Do a spot iodine urine test and have it interpreted by a doctor (1). • Take selenium and vitamin C. • Look for possible side effects of supplementation and adjust accordingly.

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