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Free Guide on Progesterone and Weight Loss

How You Can Lose Weight By Optimizing Your Progesterone Levels

THAT DOESN'T Require working out every day, following crazy diets or taking birth control pills. 

 Giulia Gandolfo and Adrian Sznajder.

We started To Help Hashimoto's And Graves' Patients Like You. We Do It In A Natural Way, Which Worked For Hundreds Of Patients. They Got Rid Of Weight Gain, Brain Fog, Low Energy Levels, Graves' Eyes, Infertility, Diabetes...And Now It's Your Turn!


Get Rid Of: 

  • thyroid dysfunction.

  • mood changes, including anxiety or depression.

  • low libido.

  • hot flashes.

  • irregular menstrual cycle.

  • weight gain.

  • fibroids, endometriosis.

  • headaches.

What You Will Learn In This FREE GUIDE?


1. How to Determine if You have a progesterone deficiency.

2. Why progesterone is important for You and how can it help Your Thyroid.

3. Why birth control pills or synthetic progesterone are risky and unhealthy. 

4. How to optimize your progesterone naturally.  

5. Which way of progesterone supplementation is the best. 

6. How to Determine if You have a progesterone deficiency. 

It May Help You With Your Symptoms and Weight, as it 

helped us and other people: 

"I finally Feel that someone is listening to me.

If it wasn't for Adrian and Giulia, 

I'd probably already have gone through Thyroid Surgery" - Tina

"A simple recipes that ANY thyroid patient

can use to improve their health,

feel better and lose weight" - Don Antonio 

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