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H-BOSS Group Program


Thyroid Healing. Naturally

Designed by two DOCTORS, in easy-to-use pocket App for iPhone & Android! 

✓ Includes ALL you need to finally feel better!


✓ Whether you're looking to lose 5 or 20 pounds, our H-BOSS App will help you with this! 

✓ Customized for you by Dr. Adrian and Dr. Giulia!

✓ Includes nutritious meal plans, workouts, progress photos, measurements, lab analysis.

✓ Includes support of Dr. Adrian and Dr. Giulia.

✓ App is integrated with: Apple Watch & Apple Health, so you can track your daily steps, calories burned and many others! 

✓ Works for both Apple devices and Android! 

7 Days FREE  Starter

(Free Trial For 7 days, then 197€/mo, cancel anytime)

Unlimited Access Pass 

1 Payment of 597€,

( Every 3 months)

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Program Features

Includes access to mobile and computer App

Thyroid healing nutrition & workout programs

Dr. Giulia & Dr. Adrian 24/7 support

Group accountability calls

Group challenges

Progress tracking with photos

Progress tracking with body measurments

Programs for every skill level

Programs prepared by two DOCTORS

Access to private H-BOSS health community

7 Days FREE Starter

(Free Trial For 7 days, then 197€/mo, cancel anytime)

Unlimited Access Pass 

1 Payment of 597€,

(Every 3 months)

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Now, it's time to say "ciao ciao"

to your old diet and habits! 


Everything You Need Right At Your Fingertips To Get Healthy, Get Rid Of Your Symptoms, Maximise Your Fitness, & Lose The Weight For Good!


 No More Complicated Doctor's Appointment For $300, Weight Loss Programs For $1000,

Nutritionists' Appointments  for $200, Paying a Personal Trainer $100 An Hour Or Waisting TimeAt The Gym! 


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LIE #1


"It's all in your head and nothing can be done". LIE

Your head is healthy and 

they just don't know what's

the ROOT CAUSE of your weigh loss problem. Fix your problem with our tailored fitness and nutrition thyroid healing programs!

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LIE #2


"Scale is a great tool for weight loss. LIE

Scale fail tons of women every day! It's a poor tool to track weight loss as it's not specific (water retention, fat or muscle loss?, ups and downs on a scale, why?)

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LIE #3


"Nutrition does not matter

and it's your genetics". LIE

Nutrition is very important to balance your hormones and heal your gut! In this way, you may heal your thyroid and get rid of your symptoms for good! Genetics is overrated! 

Created for Women Who...

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Don't want to hide under 

baggy clothes anymore!

Happy Woman

Want to heal thyroid problem 

with a natural approach and lose weight!

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Have negative friends/family/

no support and want to join community of like-minded positive people who have

the same goal! 


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Thyroid Healing Programs

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Weakly meal plans

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Easy to use recipes!


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At Home & Gym workouts

(for any skill level) 

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Easy home workouts

(videos explain)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png

 Progress tracking with

measurments and photos


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Chat support with Dr. Adrian & Dr. Giulia

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Group ZOOM calls

every week!


Benefits of H-BOSS Program:

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Fix The Root Cause Of

Your Health Problem!

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Eat More & Lose Weight!

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Workout From Home!



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"I finally Feel that someone is listening to me.

If it wasn't for Adrian and Giulia, 

I'd probably already have gone through Thyroid Surgery" - Tina

"I'd definitely recommend thyroid programs of Dr. Adrian & Dr.Giulia to my friends and family" - Ranjitha

"I' feel like a different person after

thyroid healing program of Dr. Adrian & Dr. Giulia. It was one of my best investments!"

 - Karolina

"A simple recipes that ANY thyroid patient

can use to improve their health,

feel better and lose weight" - Don Antonio 


Giulia Gandolfo and Adrian Sznajder are the founders of Thyroid and hormonal health experts, who after struggling with their health and failing with conventional medicine, decided to deepen their knowledge on natural, functional, and ayurvedic medicine. After their transformation, they focus on helping women to lose weight, balance hormones, and get rid of hormonal symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, and brain fog, so they can regain their health and live happier and more fulfilled life. Giulia and Adrian live in Italy and work in the city of Milan and Sicily.

© 2020


777 Brickell Ave #500-94524 Miami, FL 33131 |  United States of America  |

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