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How to Get Rid of Bloating: 4 Simple Steps

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Bloating happens when your GI tract becomes filled with air or gas. A swelling or feeling of fullness in the abdomen can be caused by different things, like for example; overeating, lactose intolerance, and constipation. In today's article, we will describe the most common ones, and we will give you a simple 4-step strategy, which will help you get rid of bloating.

What can cause stomach bloating?

1. Microbial fermentation (usually of carbohydrates)

2. SIBO (imbalance in hut bacteria)

4. Hormonal changes

5. Food allergies or sensitivities

6. Lactose intolerance

7. Constipation

8. Dehydration

9. Fluid retention (usually caused by eating too many carbs, too much estrogen, and/or eating too many processed foods, which are full in salt)

10. Bowel obstruction, or digestive disorders like Crohn's disease

11. Not having the right amounts of digestive enzymes (poor health of pancreas and liver)

12. IBS

What is the most common cause of bloating?

Microbial fermentation (usually of carbohydrates).

What does microbial fermentation mean?

It's a breakdown of the chemical or of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms. This breakdown usually involved changing undigestible fibers into methane, lactic acid, nitrogen, CO2, or small-chain fatty acids.

Increased bacterial fermentation of poorly absorbable carbohydrates resulting from alternations in gut microbial composition contributes to excessive gas production.

What is the best diet for bloating?

Low FODMAP diet. It restricts short-chain carbohydrates from your diet to avoid being fermented by gut bacteria.

The low FODMAP diet is most commonly used by people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The diet is also beneficial for those with similar symptoms from other digestive disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease, and bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO is a very common condition in hormonal and autoimmune diseases, especially thyroid disease. That's why we recommend this diet if you suffer from bloating in the thyroid, or hormonal disease.

Which foods and natural remedies can reduce bloating?

Which foods can trigger bloating?

  1. Beans and legumes

  2. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts

  3. Cauliflower

  4. Onions

  5. Pears, Apples, Peaches, Prunes

  6. Corn

  7. Soluble fiber from oats

  8. Processed sugar-rich food

  9. Sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, aspartame

  10. Dairy products

  11. Refined grains

  12. Chewing gum

What supplement can help you to relieve bloating?

Potassium supplementation can reduce bloating by decreasing water retention in your body. Water retention, also known as fluid retention, occurs when excess fluid builds up in the circulatory system, or within tissues.

Potassium reduces water retention by removing excess sodium (salt) from the body.

If you follow a diet that is high in salt, this can overwhelm the sodium end of the seesaw, causing more sodium to be pushed inside the cells, whilst potassium is pushed out. As water tends to follow sodium, this can result in fluid retention, as the cells hold onto an excess of water. When this happens, it can result in a bloated appearance.

However, if you increase your potassium intake by including potassium-rich foods in your diet, this helps to rebalance your levels of sodium. More potassium will be pushed inside cells, allowing sodium and water to leave cells and be excreted from the body.

I've already listed above the best foods, which are rich in potassium. If you, however, want to speed up your results, I recommend our Electrolyte Boost Pro Formula. It includes potassium, but also other electrolytes, which are very helpful when it comes to getting rid of bloating and maintaining a healthy diet.


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Updated on: June 7th, 2022 Published on: March 4th, 2021


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