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How to Take Supplements to Maximise Your Thyroid Health

Most people diagnosed with thyroid diseases who take medications are also taking supplements.

Supplements are indeed very important because they help You to fix nutritional deficiency and balance thyroid hormones conversion.

However, the majority of people who use supplements tend to do it wrong.

The common belief is that supplements are not drugs. So, if they are not drugs then it is ok to take them without specific indications. But there are many reasons why this can cause You more harm them good.

Why should You be more careful when taking supplements?

Before drugs, supplements (or herbal remedies) have been used for many years to treat medical conditions. In the past, people had no other choices but to trust herbal medicine.

In fact, taking the wrong supplements or taking supplements in the wrong way can be dangerous for You. Here is why:

  • Supplements are often taken without a specific reason. People just take them because they think they need it.

This is not only a waste of money but it can also delay Your health improvements.

In fact, You must take supplements according to Your health condition. In other words, supplements, just like drugs, must be taken specifically to target Your health disorder.

For example:

A lot of people take vitamin D3 because they read it is very good for health. However, when we ask for blood tests most of these people have high levels of vitamin D in the blood.

This is a clear example of a dangerous situation because too much vitamin D is toxic for the body and can even send You to the emergency.

  • People usually take supplements when they remember.

Again this is bad, especially is You are taking thyroid medications.

In fact, You should take supplements 30-40min after Your thyroid medication.

Certain supplements containing calcium and iron must be taken 4h away from medications.

Moreover, fat-soluble supplements like vitamin D, K, E and A are better absorbed with meals. Do not take it at an empty stomach.

  • Some supplements can be combined to maximize their action.

For example:

We mentioned vitamin D3. To maximize calcium absorption You must take vitamin D3 together with vitamin K2. Or, milk thistle and dandelion, if taken together, can improve liver detox.

  • Do not keep taking supplements if You are Not feeling better.

This is a clear sign You are taking the wrong supplements which can also intoxicate Your body. There few studies of liver intoxication due to the usage of wrong supplements in the wrong way (1).

To summarise:

Supplements are very important when it comes to Thyroid healing.

  • When choosing the supplements You must be careful in selecting the ones that You really need.

  • Dosage and when to take supplements is very important. Supplements can interfere with Your medications.

  • Some supplements are better when You combine them.

  • Consider changing supplements if You are not feeling better.



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